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  • Use the toothpick to peel a pre-cut area from the SandArt card to expose a sticky area
  • Use a spoon to sprinkle coloured sand onto the sticky area
  • Gently tap the card to remove the excess sand
  • When picture is completed display your work of art in the plastic sleeve provided



  • Fill your rainbow bottle with the colours of your choice using the funnel supplied, by layering different colours of sand in your own unique design.
  • Continue layers until the bottle is completely filled to the top and over-flowing.
  • As you get closer to the top, compact the sand by giving the bottle gentle, but firm taps on a flat surface and continue to do this until your bottle is filled.
  • To be sure the sand in your bottle doesn’t move, and your design stays intact, be sure to overflow the bottle with the last chosen colour of sand, so you have a bubble of sand at the top.
  • Gently put your lid on, pushing the sand down into the bottle as you turn the lid and screw tight.